Air Cooled Heat Exchangers

Air cooled heat exchangers​

Nuova Impianti produces fan rings for axial fans of Air Cooler Heat Exchangers (ACHE) in all sizes up to a diameter of 7300 mm (24 ft) in hot dip galvanized or painted carbon steel. 

The ellipsoid shape of the inlet side ensures efficient and uniform air flow, as a result of which air turbulence is minimised and silent operation is guaranteed. 

This reduction in air turbulence also reduces power consumption, as a result of which operating costs are reduced considerably. 

The fan rings are fitted with fixing points for the motor / fan suspension. The design of the suspension is customer specific and depends on the type and the diameter of the fan blades, the power of the motor as well as the position of the motor (inside or outside the air flow). 

Following the experience gained over the years by its technicians and engineers Nuova Impianti provided to customers a complete range of services starting from thermodynamic and mechanical engineering up to the complete production of ACHE for any pressure and temperature parameters.