Storage, Dosing and Transport of solids


Our silos are designed and built for the storage of powders or solid reagents of any nature. 

When the material is deposited inside the hopper the dusty air that is formed is purified by the filter bags placed on the upper part of the silo, and by means of the diffuser on the roof it is expelled towards the outside. To perform analysis of the emissions into the atmosphere, the diffuser is provided with a sampling nozzle. In this way it is possible to make sure that the emissions into the air are always in compliance with current legislation.

By means of the inspection window you can be sure that the storage space is not completely full so as not to clog the filter bags.

Our Silos are manufactured with circular or polygonal shape, with a capacity, according to the type, from 10 to 100 m3.

The extracting systems are:

  1. Rotating or vibration screw for fine dust’s extraction
  2. Bed screws.

Pneumatic conveying plants​

They are composed by pipes with wide radius bends to use with centrifugal fans, blowers or volumetric compressors and they are particularly suitable for the conveyance of bulk materials such as solid reagents (such as calcium carbonate, sodium bicarbonate, etc.), powders, wood shavings, chips and sawdust.

These plants are realized by Nuova Impianti according to three typologies:

  1. “Low density”, by fans
  2. “Middle density”, by volumetric compressors Roots
  3. “High density”, by compressed air.

Rope-conveying plants​

They are used for the transport and the distribution of the middle-thin sized products like lime, calcium carbonate, silicates, flours and wood shaving, melamina, urea, PVC in powder and granules and other.

They have the advantage to transport the materials with low-energy consumption without using pneumatic systems.

Screw conveyors

This powder conveying system is particularly suitable for high capacity loads with low rotation speed. The system is built by Nuova Impianti in painted carbon steel, stainless steel or anti-wear material such as HARDOX.

Nuova Impianti screw conveyors are made with particular care and attention to the protection from dusts of the bearings of the thrust and drive units and the intermediate support, if present, in the case of conveyors longer than 5 m. 

The screw conveyors made by us are as tubular and channel type but are all equipped with external motorization.

Chain conveyors

Nuova Impianti produces Redler chain conveyors in rectangular or channel side shape, for a variety of applications and with many executive solutions. They are characterized by a very high attention in the executive development, assembled on sliding surfaces in wear-resistance materials or oiled with dragging chains studied and realized for the plant needs. 

Redler chain conveyors can be used for the transport of granulated, dusty and through-and-through materials, applications for high temperature or high humidity materials and also for mud scraper series, suitable for an immersion use.