Silencers and aphonic cabinets

Silencers and aphonic cabinets

In order to fight noise pollution produced by the working environments Nuova Impianti is able to design and supply the most suitable solutions depending on the necessary noise’s attenuation and the acceptable losses of load, in order to respect the sonorous levels imposed by the regulations. 

Nuova Impianti supplies structures with high soundproof power and sound absorbent solutions, which act according to the type of fluid and to the frequencies which it is necessary to intervene.

Our silencers are direct passage absorption-type silencers according to the following configuration options:

  • complete silencer, e.g. body and splitters
  • splitter silencer to be inserted into an existing metal sheet or concrete duct

The standard construction allows a pressure of 100 mm H₂O and a temperature of 130° C.